Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updated re-style for my china cabinet

Our dining room has two traditional built-in corner china cabinets. They are great for adding storage and flair to the space. When I recently received these Thomas Paul dishes in a giveaway sponsored by Barb at KNACK, I was inspired to work on a styling update. 

 Here's how they looked BEFORE.

On one corner of the room I have my bone china and glassware. 

In the other corner, I had some vintage red glassware and a platter and black mugs. 

I decided to replace these contents with the Thomas Paul Luddite Collection dishes. When I first laid my eyes on them, I loved their artsy look. This way I could enjoy them visually even when I was not using them. 
Here's the NEW LOOK. 

...and now a view without the reflection distraction:


Now on to organizing what is behind those lower doors that you can't see! 



Barb Blair said...

I LOVE the new look! So glad you love them......and that they inspired a makeover! woot!

Barb Blair

Anne said...

Thanks again, Barb! The dishes were just what I needed to get me from procrastination to action! ;)

All the best!