Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bedside table with industrial vibe

This is the story of a once 1990's oak television table transformed to a bedside table with an industrial vibe.

It all began when Mr. Anne and I were transporting our old television/video cassette recorder table to the attic. We live in an older home, so we have the convenience of a regular staircase located in a bedroom that leads up to the attic. While passing through this guest room, I suggested we halt. A light bulb had just come on! I wanted a bedside table in this room, but had never made it a priority. Maybe, just maybe, this table could function in that way. 

Before I go any further with this little tale, here's the piece of furniture.

Just before I dive into a project like this, I often have moments of indecision and doubt. Should I paint and transform a perfectly good piece of furniture? Will I have regret? But in this case, I remembered where this table would otherwise be residing~ the attic! What use would it be there? So my mind was made up~ proceed.

I knew that I wanted this table to have an industrial look. My first step: paint it black. I mixed up a batch of homemade chalk paint using this tried and true formula.

Then I took it outside for a quick sand to smooth the surface.

The second step was mixing various intensities of metallic silver paint by adding black or white paint to the silver.

In my research, I found that some persons recommend applying with a brush in a pouncing fashion, while others suggest applying the paint with a rag. I tried both of these methods at different points. I came to the conclusion that it is really just a matter of personal preference. Painting with a rag seemed to use excess paint. It depends on the resulting look you desire. I tried to avoid the look of brush strokes when possible, so after applying with a brush, I either lightly smoothed it with the brush or rag. I like the look of inconsistency in color.

This was the look after layering on various shades of the sliver paint.


This view shows more paint applied, as well as hammering in small nails for a special effect.

 I do love wheels, or casters, for an industrial accent. ;)

Lastly, I lined the drawer with pages from my outdated CAD textbook and added metal pulls.

Then it was time for the FUN~ trying out different arrangements on the VCR shelf.

Red toolbox tray for book storage

Storing a throw on the shelf

Wood crate for storage



So glad I did not send this table to exile in the attic!

THANKS so much Sarah, for featuring my table on THRIFTY DECOR CHICK! :)

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The Lovely Mrs. P said...

Great makeover~ Thanks for linking up last week!

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

This is gorgeous and so clever!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Perfect! Love what you did with it.

Julie Boarder said...

This looks so great, love the use of the metallic!

Susan D said...

It looks really nice. I am definitely inspired to paint something metallic!

Night Garden Design said...

The metal effect is great, and I like the wooden crate and the casters. For an even more industrial effect, I might have knocked out the curvy trim on the bottom, but it looks pretty great even with it.

Nice job!

Night Garden Design said...

I love the metal effect, the wooden crate, and the casters. To boost the industrial effect, I might have knocked out the curvy trim on the bottom, but it looks great even with it.

Nice job!